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the Project

India One Solar Thermal Power Plant


Unique R&D Features:

  •  Indigenously developed paraboloid concentrators with static focus.
  • Continuous direct super-heated steam generation.
  • Cost-effective and reliable thermal energy storage mechanism for 24 hours of operation.
  • In-house developed robust, simple process control mechanism.
  • Network-enabled precise dual-axis tracking mechanism.
  • Easy operation/maintenance, readily available indigenous spares.
  • Reliability in long term operations.
  • Easy to replicate systems to higher capacities.
  • Creation of local employment & capacity building.


The Main Specifications:

  • 1 MW peak electrical output continuously for 24 hours
  • 770 no’s of 60 sqm paraboloid, static focus reflectors
    • Automatic network-enabled dual-axis tracking mechanism
  • 770 no’s of static cast iron cavity receivers for 16 hrs thermal storage
    • Direct superheated steam generation
    • @ 1 lakh kWhrs of thermal energy storage
  • 35 acres of land used for the installation of the plant.

Technology Suitable for India:

  • Relatively simple modular design.
  • Indigenous manufacturing.
  • Major components available locally.
  • Cost-effective technology.
  • Easy operation/ maintenance by means of readily available spares.
  • Easy to replicate, decentralized fabrication process to create local employment.
  • Easy and reliable storage options.
  • Reliable in long term operations.

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