SUN FOCUS, a quarterly magazine of UNDP-GEF CSH Project, MNRE, Gov’t. of India Issue: July – September 2014 containing an article Fixed Focus Fully Tracked 60 sq.m Paraboloid Dish with Heat Storage by B K Jayasimha

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SUN FOCUS,Issue: July-Sept 2015 containing an article Using Scheffler Dishes with Cast Iron Heat Storage for Mid Day Meals by B K Jayasimha

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SUN FOCUS,Issue: Oct-Dec 2015 containing an article Longest Functional Solar Steam Cooking System in India at Brahma Kumaris Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu (Rajasthan) by B K Jayasimha, Aneta Loj

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India One Solar Power Plant Brochure 

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B K Renewable Energy Brochure

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